Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting
Open every day 24/7
Cell: 602-422-4228

Dog walking: $18.00 per visit
Pet sitting: $20.00 per visit
Overnights: $60.00 per night
Poop Scooping: $14.00 per day.

Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting Services
At Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting, I take care to provide our clients the best service I know how to do.

We have a variety of services including:
Just Cats:  $14.00 per visit.
I will come to your home and play with, walk daily, weekly, or monthly, or just walk while you are away as part of my visits, feed, clean up after your pets, clean litter boxes, water indoor and outdoor plants, stay overnight, and just love your pet's.   I also give medication to your pets as long as it is either pills and/or insulin.  Sometimes I will help with giving your pet's fluids.  I do not give shots in pet's veins as I am neither a vet or vet tech, and do not know how to do that.
Indoor plant watering:  $1.00 per plant - I only charge this if you have more than 5 house plants.
Outdoor plant watering: $ 5.00 per day.

If you have more than 5 pet's I charge $10.00 per extra pet.