Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting
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Cell: 602-422-4228

Pet Sitting Creed.
As a pet sitter I take my business very seriously and as a serious pet sitter here are the things I pledge.

1. To never do any pets any harm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. To always be there when I am needed or as much as is possible for me.
3. To never abandon, or leave a pet unprotected in their home.
4.  When I promise something to do all in my power to follow through .
5.  To give the pets that I am caring for all my love.
6.  To help to protect and educate people and pets.
7.  When I can't be there, to find someone the to be there for me, that the pet owners know and approve.
8.  To take a pet to the vet when needed.
9.  To keep the pet's I am caring for and their home as safe as is possible.
10. To always be there for the pet's and their owners.