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 At Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting, we are proud to update you on behalf of our business, and keep you informed in some of our activities and newsletters.
An Ad in my Apartment Complex Newsletter!
Hey everyone!  Look what my Apartment Complex did, for the month of March, they put my business ad in their newsletter!  Isn't that really cool?
It's almost Spring!  Beware of all the dangers Spring has for you and your pets.
Even though it isn't Spring yet, here in Phoenix it is warming up, and that is bringing out the snakes, raccoons, skunks, bees and so on.  So when hiking be aware of  the dangers, and stay alert!  Stay away from lots of undergrowth, ground cover and large rocks and small animal holes where snakes like to hide and sun bathe.  Also make sure you get your yard sprayed for bugs, and pests.  You don't want any nasty scorpion surprises.  Last but not least protect your pets from ticks and spiders and mosquitoes and so on.
An Ad in A Safeway's Circular.
A Safeway on 39th and Happy Valley, has a circular that they are giving out at the Cash registers, starting in April.  My ad will be on the back of that circular, so if you are in that area, pick up a circular and check out my ad!
News for Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting
In the directory of this magazine, called The barking cat, is my ad for pet sitting.
Hey  Every one!  I am now an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau!