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About Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting

Roxanne's dog walking and Pet sitting is family-owned and operated in Phoenix, AZ. Since opening in 2006, we’ve treated every Client like they were a part of our family. I was a pet sitter in Denver, Colorado when I lived there with my first husband.  I started in 1989, that's a long time of being a pet sitter!  I moved here with my second husband in 2006.  His name is Howard, and he helps me when he can, like on the weekends, and in the evenings, and he even helps with overnights when I need him. 
Both of us love animals!  I am 57 years old, and love my job!

Having a professional pet sitter is having someone that comes to your home, they leave you notes, contact you to let you know things are going well and even when they aren't going so well.  They keep your home secure, your pet is not stressed out, because they get to stay home in their own environment.

I am Bonded and Insured.